What’s so special about Havaianas flip-flops?

Why everyone raves about Havaianas and how awesome they are. But is it just that they’re fashionable or is there really a difference, something special about them which other flip-flops don’t have?

I got a pair while I was in Brazil, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. They’re the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever worn besides the hand-made ones you can get in the Caribbean and they’re not made of leather. And I don’t know how much they cost in the US, but they were pretty cheap. So… if you’re cheap and animal-friendly, then you’ve got something to be impressed by. Raving though?

It’s a brand name and everyone loves brand names, especially surf brands. It’s cool to own something with a brand name. I personally think they are more comfy than your average flip-flop but I do own non-havi flip-flops though cause they are alot cheaper and some look just as cool. Some cheap flip-flops even last just as long as your Havianas. I guess it’s just what you want. Definite rising of the scale in the cool-factor or taking a couple of risks that could end up with you looking cool and saving a few pounds.

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